Precise Corporation Public Company Limited

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
Developing the society and the surrounding community along with the Company’s business is another main policy that we, Precise Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (PEM) has always emphasized on. We aim to support the community by hosting diverse projects to benefit the people and the environment in a sustainable method.

Environmental policies

To assure that the Revenue Stream Power Distribution & Energy Management System is performing at its fullest extent whilst complying with relevant standards as well as being socially and environmentally aware of the society, country, and the world, PEM has therefore set up an environment management system that has been accredited with ISO14001 and is applied throughout the entire organization. Our policies include;


Strictly complying to legal regulations, the country’s environmental laws, as well as other relevant guidelines.


Separate dangerous waste from the Company’s operations, including preventing and controlling those substances from having impacts on the environment.


Prevent and control the emission of pollution into the air and water to have the least effects upon the environment.


Control the consumption of resources such as electricity, water, and paper to be the most economic. Apply reducing and recycling practices within the organization.


Remain highly and continuously committed to improving environmental management systems.