24 kV Metal-Clad Switchgear

PMW-AIS-MCSG-24 is the name of the electric isolator used in manufacturing factories. The 24kV electric isolator แบบแยกส่วนประเภท that have passed indoor testing and assembled by PRECISE must also pass strict and detailed quality examinations. The products were designed to be used with LSIS vacuum breakers that are highly efficient. They are designed and manufactured in compliance with IEC62271-100 standards. The circuit breakers that are used also comply with IEC62271-200 standards, as well as other main components which are all consistent to relevant IEC standards.

Technical data

Classification24(25.8)kV 12.5kA
24(25.8)kV 16kA
Model Name
Applied standardIEC 62271-200
LSC (Loss of service continuity category)
Power Frequency(1min)/Impulse(1.2x50us)

Main Circuit50kV/125kV BIL
Auxiliary Circuit
2kV/5kV BIL
Rated short time withstand currentMain Circuit12.5kA/3s16kA/3s
Earthing Switch12.5kA/3s16kA/3s
Protection DegreeIP4X
VCB SpecificationVCB typeVL- H13 06VL- H13 13
VL- H16 06

VL- H16 13
Rated Current
Phase distance (mm)
Rated Frequency (Hz)
24(25.8)kV 25kA
Model NamePMW-AIS-MCSG-24
Applied standardIEC 62271-200
LSC (Loss of service continuity category)LSC2B-PM
Power Frequency(1min)/Impulse(1.2x50us)Main Circuit50kV/125kV BIL
Auxiliary Circuit2kV/5kV BIL
Rated short time with stand currentMain Circuit25kA/3s
Earthing Switch25kA/3s
Protection DegreeIP4X
VCB SpecificationVCB typeVL- H25 06
VL- H25 13
VL- H25 20
VL- H25 20
VL- H25 25
Rated Current630A
Phase distance (mm)210/275
Rated Frequency (Hz)50/60Hz60Hz50/60Hz

24 kV Metal-Clad Switchgear


HLCLAD-20J is the so-called factory-assembled and type-tested
Indoor type 24 kv Metal-Clad Switchgear, assembled by Precise Group under
rigorous quality control and passed the careful verification tests. It is designed
to accommodate high-performance MEIDENSHA’s vacuum circult-breaker whicj
has been desigh and manufactured in accordance with IEC60056 (IEC62271-100). The switchgear itself conforms to
IEC60298 (IEC 62271-200), and aill primary components used therein are in accordance with the relevant IEC Standards.

Description24 kV
Rated normal current, at special site and service conditions:
-for Main bus bar, incoming feeder and capacitor bank (A)
-for outgoing feeder (A)
-for station service transformer (A)
630 - 1,250
Rated short time withstand current (kA)25
Rated peak withstand current (kA)63
Rated duration of short circuit (sec)1
Degree of protection for control unit and auxiliary equipmentIP4X
Degree of protection for cubicle and between compartmentsIP4X
Power supply voltage for closing and tripping coils (VDC)125
Nominal voltage (kV)22
Maximum voltage rating (kV)24
Power frequnecy (Hz)50
Number of phases3
Power frequency withstand voltage (kV)
-Phase to earth and between phases
-Across open switching device and isolate distance
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV)
-Phase to earth and between phases
-Across open switching devices and isolated distance
Main busbar copper cross-section areas (sq.mm)(80x10) x 2
Earth busbar copper cross-section areas (sq.mm)30x5

Unit Substation

Unit Substation are designed for support Spec. of MEA and PEA to be
usable 12 kV, 24 kV and 33 kV. Which is completely weatherproof designed, suitable for outdoor tropical climate. It is unaffected by moisturem, dust, condensation and vermin proof. The cubicle is made steel sheet having the thickness 3-4 mm. Metal surface coating with polyester powder paint.

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