The policies for safety, occupational health, and work environment of Precise Electric Manufacturing Company Limited

Precise Electro-Mechanical Works Company Limited, and Coelme International Company Limited

are based on the purpose that we would like to operate our business in a way that promotes the safety of our employees, contractors, and business partners. Throughout all operations, safety is the top priority in mind. This way we can eliminate any risks that may lead to damages or injuries caused from the working environment. Policies also include constantly improving and changing the work environment and industrial hygiene for the highest level of safety, ensuring that all the people we care for are safe and happy. We shall implementing these policies as follows;

  • The Company will strictly comply to laws, regulations, orders, commands, and standards related to safety, occupational health, and work environment.
  • The Company will prevent and manage risks caused by dangers classified as high risks such as fire, chemicals, gas, along to the medium risks that still may occur on site with full cooperation from staff of all levels.
  • The Company will continuously support and promote safety, occupational health, and work environment by preparing sufficient and suitable resources to manage risks. We also focus on nurturing an awareness for safety by constantly training, educating, revising, and practicing these activities for their staff, contractors, and business partners.
  • The Company will regularly improve and enhance the work environment, industrial hygiene, and the cleanliness in the surrounding area for safety and a pleasant environment that leads to our staff’s great work life quality and health.
  • The Company will follow up and evaluate the operations according to safety, occupational health, and work environment policies and the annual report to ensure that the practices are truly implemented.