Low Tension Fuse Switch

Precise Electric Manufacturing Company Limited

PRECISE’s low tension fuse switches were designed and manufactured according to the IEC60947-3OFS-4A5 standards. The product is a single pole and single throw type. As it is a non-enclosure fuse switch, it is suitable for outdoor installations and low voltages. The fuse is also highly resistant to short circuits and has an HRC that complies with IEC60269-2-1 standards.


Fuse switch OFS-4A5 is suitable for installing on a 100 x 100 millimeter sized ไม้คอน and mounted horizontally. S

Section 1 – s that are linked with blade surfaces sizes 0, 1, and 2.
Section 2 – Fuses that are linked with แบบสลัก connection sizes B0, B1, B2, B3, and B4 and are in the utility group AC-22B

ch means that it can be used with resistive loads, inductive loads, and loads that have exceeded the middle point. โหลดเกินปานกลาง

Technical data

Volt (V)
Ampere (A)
IC (kA)
BIL (kV)

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