Instrument Transformers

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Instrument transformers are used for measuring the CT and VT in electricity systems. It is also used to prevent and control electricity systems by transforming high voltages into lower, safer, and thus more usable voltages. Generally, instrument transformers are classified into 2 types; CTs and VTs or also known as Potential Transformers (PTs). Both transformer types were designed to be used in single and triple-phase power systems. With PEM’s modern manufacturing processes that are packed with quality and also environmentally friendly, these instrument transformers can also be used for measuring currents (CT) and voltages (VT).

Instrument tranformaters are functionally used for measuring current (CT) and voltage (VT) in electrical powersystems as well as for protection and control power system, where and when a current or voltage is too large to be conveniently and safety used by an instrument.

There are basically two types of instrument transformers : current transformers (CTs)
voltage transformers (VTs) The latter are sometimes and also referred to as potentail transformers (PTs) simply because they are designed for monitoring single-phase and three-phase power line voltages in power metering applications. Using advanced manufacturing processes that are high quality and environmentally-freindly.

Low Voltage Current Transformer / 
Outdoor / Indoor Window

Type LExM /LEM

Type LDB

Low Voltage Current Transformer : Indoor Ring Type

Type BCT

Type CDB

Medium Voltage Current Transformer Indoor / Outdoor up to 36 kV

Type CEL

Type CExL

Medium Voltage Transformer Indoor up to 36 kV : Single Pole/ Double Pole for Switchgear 

Type VEG

Type VEL

Medium Voltage Transformer Outdoor up to 36 kV : Single Bushing/ Double Bushing for Pole Mount Installation

Type VExG

Type VExL

Medium Voltage Outdoor System up to 36 kV : Single phase/ Three phase Voltage Transformer

Type VOL

Type VOG

Type VOG

Medium Voltage Outdoor System up to 36 kV:
High Voltage Outdoor System up to 123 kV:
Current Transformer for Substation

Type COU

Type COL

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